Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Sparkling Cleaning for the ultimate in commercial kitchen exhaust & canopy system cleaning in Melbourne.
Busy, high-profile Restaurants, Restaurant chains, Grocery stores, Commercial kitchens, Arenas, Convention centres, Catering companies and Hotels rely on Sparkling Cleaning for protection from the hazards of grease build up.
We are fully insured, and our professionally trained staff will arrive promptly, work efficiently and respect your staff and facility.

With Sparkling Cleaning:

  • Your kitchen’s exhaust and canopy hood system will be thoroughly cleaned
  • Your kitchen’s exhaust and canopy hood system will pass a fire department safety inspection.
  • Your kitchen’s exhaust and canopy hood system will meet your insurance company’s requirements for safe operation.
  • You will learn about potential mechanical problems as we find them, allowing you to arrange for preventive maintenance.

How Often Should Kitchen Exhaust Systems be Cleaned?

There are many factors that determine the frequency of kitchen exhaust duct cleaning:

  • The type of cooking process (steaming, grilling, frying)
  • Usage per day
  • The type of oil being used
  • Grease filter maintenance
  • Amount of air flow
  • Ambient Temperature


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