Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning Industries are always a tasks to do. To make sure client is Satisfied at all grounds Sparkling Group’s Management team closely work with the client and ensure all the requirements mentioned in the contract are fulfilled. We are constantly improving our work ethics, technology and quality of our service. While setting up firm’s objective we make sure that everyone involved in the cleaning right from the Management team to the personnel who is at the site. This keeps us apart from all the other Industrial Cleaning services Operating in the Sydney region.

We understand the need of security and confidentiality so all our cleaners are verified by an external consultant before we put them on work grounds. Industrial cleaning involves lot of tough tasks so we make sure all the cleaners who arrive you are fully insured. To make sure the staff who visit you is well organized, we monitor our staff on a regular basis and conduct various skill development programs to improve the professionalism in our services.

Broadly, we have categorized our Industrial cleaning services to 4 major sets:

Factory Cleaning Factory Cleaning:

Factories are huge place which needs regular cleaning. We offer customized factory cleaning services to suite the size, nature of cleaning and frequency of cleaning. Any size of factory you are we can clean the premises at any time with the adequate work force.

Workshop cleaning Workshop cleaning:

A clean workshop means more productive working environment. We have an extensive team of equipped with the latest tools and materials which can give your workshop a sparkling clean look. All our cleaning materials are eco-friendly which do not cause any harm.

Warehouse cleaning Warehouse cleaning:

Cleaning warehouse are time consuming and tedious tasks. When we clean your warehouse we make sure all your products are dust free and well aligned. Scheduling a regular warehouse cleaning can help you in keeping the warehouse tidy and work will be smooth.

Building Cleaning Building Cleaning:

Building cleaning is required to maintain the look of the building and to prevent the building from any damage yet retaining the building strength. We offer professional and reliable building cleaning and maintenance services. We are always available to ensure that the building is cleaned and well maintained.

Sparkling Cleaning services from the day it has established have never compromised on the cleaning products. We never compromise on the quality of the cleaning material, we have always used high quality, environment friendly and hygenic cleaning products. We promise to keep your work place well maintained and cleaned to the highest standard by only using the eco-friendly products.