Cleaning Nature’s way – Use eco-friendly cleaning products

The shelves of supermarkets are filled with brightly colored and smartly packaged cleaning products, but before you reach out to buy any of them, check their ingredients. Do they contain harsh chemicals that might harm you in the long run?

Synthetic household products are known to contain harmful chemicals that cause a reaction with ozone present in the air only to create toxins such as formaldehyde. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the interiors of homes contain about three to four times as many chemical pollutants as the exteriors of homes. If people spend about 90% of their time in their homes, the density of concentration of chemicals is considerable. Indoor pollutants can cause flu, neurological problems, headaches and eye and skin irritation and respiratory disease.

For these reasons, choosing natural cleaning products is much better. It’s also better for the environment. When speaking to your home cleaning agency in Coogee, tell them you would prefer eco-friendly products to be used in your home. These products bring about the following good results for you:

You inhale clean and pure air: By using green products for cleaning, no chemicals will be absorbed into your skin nor will you inhale such toxic air from your cleaning products. These products also reduce the chances of developing asthma and ensure that you lead a healthy life.
Your eco-friendly products are gentle on your skin: Using conventional cleaning products can cause burning in the eyes and on the skin, but green products are skin-friendly.
You don’t suffer from headaches: Conventional cleaning products trigger headaches but green products give off a pleasant fragrance like lemon grass, lavender or citrus. Not only are they pleasant but also pain-free. These products are safe and are not corrosive.
You spend less: Your cleaning service professionals in Coogee, may just surprise you by asking you for some lemon juice or vinegar to clean some stains or spills at your home. So, if you already have such effective remedies for cleaning, why should you buy expensive products?
Eco-friendly products you can use at home: If you have children, pets or allergies, switching to using eco-friendly products is a natural transition. If you wish to make this change, you don’t need to go far to find environmentally-friendly products that will help with your cleaning. Some of these are:
White vinegar: This is an excellent cleanser, sanitizer and degreaser for cleaning all kinds of things. It also prevents mold and mildew from growing. It can also be used to clean your furnishings, fabrics and windows or any glass surfaces.
Baking soda: For tougher cleaning jobs as cleaning sinks, garbage cans and wooden cutting boards, sprinkling baking soda generously on the surface and spraying it with vinegar really helps. Let it remain until the foaming stops and then scrub lightly to remove stains.
Lemon juice: Not only is it a great cleanser, it is also a good deodorizer. Pour some lemon juice on shower doors and bathroom tiles to get rid of soap scum, or clean your microwave oven by placing a bowl of water with a cut lemon in it to suck up all the food vapors.

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